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Camp Mini Ha Ha 2022 will comply with any and all Covid-19 restrictions based on the Nova Scotia's and our venue's restrictions. Information on restrictions can be found at www.novascotia.ca under Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19). With all provinces moving into less restrictive phases, please stay updated as the situation is subject to change.

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Camp Mini Ha Ha 2022

September 21st - 26th, 2022 Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Canada

Camp Mini Ha Ha is an annual miniaturist retreat, held since 2001. The camp is a cooperative event, bringing together miniaturists at every level of experience, from beginner to expert to teacher, and is designed to promote sharing while learning and having a whole lot of fun. Our teachers come from near and far, and campers from all over the world are welcome. Plus no cooking and cleaning!

Camp Mini Ha Ha is a community – everyone is involved and everyone helps out in making Camp the wonderful experience it has become.

Camp takes place every year in September; this year from Wednesday, September 21st to Monday, September 26thth at the Annapolis Basin Conference Center in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. The Conference Centre provides a peaceful environment in which to escape from the "everyday" and totally immerse yourself in miniatures. The accommodations are semi-private suites which include private sleeping quarters and a shared bath with one other camper.  Camp Mini Ha Ha offers a unique experience different from miniature events typically held in hotel type settings. Our venue supports the cooperative and creative spirit of Camp Mini Ha Ha.

Camp Mini Ha Ha is structured around a single workshop, which begins bright and early Thursday morning and continues through the next four days allowing campers to work, laugh and learn together. In addition to your main project, there are usually some smaller projects to do as well.  The minor projects are designed to work on the same theme as the main project so that they come together into one miniature setting.

In addition to the workshop, there are gifts galore and workspaces available 24 hours a day to accommodate night owls and early birds.

The arivals begin early Wednesday afternoon and Camp activities begin after supper. Goodbyes are before lunch on Monday.  Details to follow once you are registered.

he contribution per camper covers the costs of the project basic materials and five night’s accommodation as well as breakfast, lunch and supper from Wednesday evening to Monday morning.

After classes are over for the day, the fun begins! We chat, play games, and go for walks or whatever you choose. There is lots of space to be creative and to enjoy the evening. Check out the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre’s website  http://www.abcc.ca for more information on what the location has to offer.

We hope you’ll come and play with us for a few days. You will be able to leave your stress and worries behind for a time. If you love miniatures, it’s an experience second to none. Toy therapy, Playing and being creative at the same time. Plus, no cooking and cleaning!




Camp Mini Ha Ha Commitment

Camp Mini Ha Ha is committed to providing a comfortable, safe, and fun place where you can enjoy the company of other like-minded miniaturists.

By focusing on our hobby and being responsible members of our miniature community, we will create six fun filled days. We will build meaningful relationships of lasting value for each camper. As a result, we will build our hobby together expanding the knowledge we have and sharing our knowledge with others.

Camp Mini Ha Ha has adopted the following values and we ask that you share them with us.

  • Be honest, ethical and upfront with each other.
  • Make trust the foundation of your relationships with each other.
  • Respect others at all times.
  • Prize innovative ideas and the teamwork it takes to make them realities.
  • Take responsibility for your actions as individuals, and as a community of miniaturists.

Belly laughs, giggles, chocolate-coated smiles and skipping are all, accepted behaviour.

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