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1. Can I choose my roommate?

Yes, please list the first and last name of the person you wish to room with and don't forget to mention it to them.  Roommates share a bathroom, but each Camper has their own bedroom.

2. What happens if I lose my room key?

Oops, you don’t want to do that, it would cost you $10 to replace it.

3. What is provided with my room?

Bedding, towels, soap and shampoo are provided. There will be no housekeeping service, but a washer and dryer are available, free of charge.  There is a laundry soap dispenser (small fee) in the laundry area.  Also an iron, but we don’t really know anyone who knows how to use it.


4. What is the Mini Auction?

Glad you asked... Every year  we hold two auctions – a Silent Auction and a Live Auction. We auction miniature or miniature related items that have been donated to Camp Mini Ha Ha. Everyone is welcome to bid. It is great fun and a wonderful help to get next year’s camp off the ground.  We rely on the revenue made at our Auctions to help cover unforeseen costs and preparation for the following year. Anything you can bring or send with someone to be auctioned at Camp will be welcomed with open arms and gratitude. You can bring (or send with someone) anything miniature related of any value. Donating items is voluntary and optional.  We want you to give with an open heart in support of CMHH. If you cannot bring an item, you can support CMHH by bidding on that special little item that catches your eye!


5. Am I considered an Artisan?

You sure are! Our market includes those selling handmade items and retail items. Tables are $15.00 a day. You may share a table with friends and split the cost if you wish. The Artisan Market will open Thursday night, Saturday afternoon, and briefly on Sunday If you do not wish to be at your table to sell at those times, please have someone help at your table. The Market is located in a separate room. If there are no sales people in the room, the door will be locked so you can all go play.

6. What is a Kit `n Kaboodle event?

Funny name isn't it? You make up kits to sell. Kit 'n Kaboodles (KnK’s) will be sold in one of the workshop rooms. KnK's  will be put on display with a list of tools needed so you can bring a few tools from the workshop to work on them while you relax after a long happy day of fun. These kits range in price between $5.00 and $15.00. Sellers may either make themselves available to teach the kit or provide written instruction to complete it at home.


7. What type of donation are you asking for now?

This donation is totally optional, and yes, we know, we seem to be asking for a lot, but it’s for a good cause.  Your optional donations go toward Camp costs and helps make Camp more affordable for more people.  If you would like to help, you may send any amount - small, medium or large.


8. I love gift exchanges, how does the CMHH exchange work?

Campers bring five unwrapped miniature gifts of a $15 - $20 minimum value. Label them with your name. An exchange will take place daily. You bring five wonderful gifts; you go home with five wonderful gifts. The exchange is random, so the surprise is part of the fun. Your gifts can all be all different or all the same. Although we all love getting the gift that is over the top, we don't want you to feel pressure to give this way. Gifts do not necessarily have to be personally made by you (but hand made is the preference). Please arrive with gifts ready to be handed in at registration, unwrapped, with your name attached in some form.


9. What's a Tidbit?

These are table favours you bring which will be distributed at mealtimes. Our camp includes 34 campers, we ask that you make 36 tidbits so we can thank our awesome staff at ABCC with a small gift. They usually have a value of $5 each. Please put your name on these so we all know who to thank! Simple, hopefully theme related smile makers!

10. What is considered a special request?

A special request would be something like a food allergy, or a mobility challenge. Please make requests known on a separate sheet included with your registration form and we will address each one on an individual basis.

11. Am I expected to take part in the Yahoo site?

Once you have registered, you will be invited to join our private CMHH Yahoo Group site.  The Yahoo site is a great place to get to know past and present campers.  Campers talk on the site and add great little tips for packing things not listed, ideas that they have about what to make for gift exchanges, or ideas for how to approach the Camp project.  All sorts of discussions take place before and after Camp.  It’s a lot of fun to be involved.  It also give you an idea of who might be coming to Camp this year!  This is a members only site, so only people who have attended Camp Mini Ha Ha have access to the group.

12. Can I bring a friend or guest to Camp?

We have, on occasion, had campers want to bring a friend or family member as a guest to all or a portion of Camp.  And while we all love to meet your friends and family – those who support us in our addiction to miniatures – one of the things that makes Camp Mini Ha Ha so special is the opportunity to leave the world behind and escape to a place where only miniatures, fellow campers, and the Camp project and activities fill your day.  So if you can convince your friend or family to sign up and join the fun as a fully registered camper, then by all means bring them along!!  Otherwise, they are welcome to come for a visit to see what you are up to, but  Camp meals, events and overnight accommodations will be available only for registered campers.


13. What are the accommodations like?

The rooms in South Lodge at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre are simple, clean and comfortable.  You will not find the types of amenities you do at a hotel and there will be no housekeeping carried out in your room during Camp.  There are always lots of fresh towels available, your garbage will be emptied on request, and your room is your own.  There is no television, telephone or radio in the room, so if you like to have a radio or alarm clock, you may wish to bring your own.  There is a small bedside light and overhead light in the room.  You will share a bathroom (toilet and shower) with one other camper and you will have your own sink in your room.  The simplicity of the accommodations is one of the things that helps us keep the costs down overall. 


14. What are the meals like?

Breakfast, lunch and supper are all self-serve, buffet style meals with a set menu.  There are always choices and variety and the Conference Centre staff are excellent at accommodating all dietary needs.  We do our best to respond to camper feedback and keep the menu interesting and affordable.

15. How do I get more information?

You should have all your questions answered with a follow up information package which will be sent to you once your registration has been confirmed. Please feel free to contact Marilyn Driscoll at mdriscn618@rogers.com or Louise McSheffrey at louise.mcsheffrey@brunswickhottub.com or Audrey Meehan at admeehan@yahoo.com They will ensure your questions are answered



Last updated Feb 19/18