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Camp Mini Ha Ha 2019 Miniature Project


Channel Your Hidden Superhero...




While this year’s project appears as a simple cupboard on the outside, each will open up to expose its true “superpower”.  In keeping with this theme, each of our mild-mannered Campers will have the opportunity to step forward and divulge the identity of their own favourite superhero.  While some may think of Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Supergirl – others will recognize seemingly ordinary items as their personal mini superheroes – like a favourite tool, building material, or technique – that reveals its superpowers each time you put it to use.  Step out of that phone booth and come prepared to represent your chosen superhero at our annual dress-up dinner on Sunday night.  Make it obvious or keep us guessing – it’s all about having fun!

Project Description

This year’s project is in 1” scale - Kit construction class by our own Shelley Acker and Liz Dieleman

  • It is made of wood

  • It measures approximately:

  • Inside: 2" deep x 5 7/8" wide x 6 13/16" high 

  • Outside (box without top and base): 2 3/8" deep x 6 1/8" wide x 7" high 

  • Outside (including top and base): 2 1/2" deep x 6 3/4" wide x 7 7/32" high

Kit Includes:

  • Cabinet with hinged doors

  • Drop table

  • Hanging rod and compartments on opposite door

  • Cabinet interior as shown including all drawers and shelves

Available for additional purchase will be base and/or back wall

Click the link below to see some close ups of the kit and additional options for the project

Kit and Additional Options Link 


Last updated Jan 31/19